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Preventive Care services offered in Hurst, TX

Preventive dental care offers a path toward a lifetime of great dental health and hygiene. For many residents of Hurst, Texas, Jeffrey Osborne, DDS, and the team at Dental Studio of Hurst is their dental home of choice for all preventive care needs. Booking a time to come in and meet the team is as simple as a phone call or a few moments online.  

Preventive Care Q&A

What is preventive dental care?

Preventive dental care focuses on warding off tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues before they develop. It’s a need that no one should overlook, but for many people, coming in for routine dental visits falls to the end of a long to-do list.

Dental exams are the foundation of preventive dental care. These visits give your dental care team the chance to evaluate your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues to look for areas of concern. 

Advanced digital imaging is sometimes part of the process, and delivers insight into the inner structure of your teeth as well as your bone tissue. A visual inspection of your gums and other soft tissue checks for abnormalities that may indicate gum disease or oral cancer.

Why is preventive dental care so important?

Preventive dental care offers the opportunity to keep dental health issues from ever developing. They also allow your dentist to catch signs of disease in the earliest stages, when treatment is often most effective. 

Your dental exams also include a professional teeth cleaning. This process removes all traces of plaque and tartar from your teeth, and can even remove some surface staining. You emerge with a gleaming, smooth smile that looks and feels great. 

Preventive dental care is also a great way to “brush up” on your at-home oral hygiene routines. If you need tips on how to floss properly or wondering if you should try an electric toothbrush, your preventive care visits are the right place to find guidance. 

How often do I need to come in for preventive care visits?

Most people benefit from coming in for preventive dental care twice a year. This timeline ensures that decay or disease doesn’t have time to advance to serious stages before being detected. 

If you have existing dental health issues, you might need to come in more frequently until the matter is resolved. Your dentist provides details on treatment timing, letting you know what to expect in terms of scheduling and budgeting. 

Call the Dental Studio of Hurst office to schedule a preventive dental care visit or book online in just a few moments.